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Posted by Louis Cosenza on Sep 15, 2012 5:00:54 AM

The 2012 Louisiana Hot Air Balloon Championship Festival has found a new home at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center. In years past the balloons have been seen by Ascension residents making their way to Baton Rouge, the former home of the Festival. Balloonists from all over the United States will be here to compete in the target event. The highlight of the show is the "Balloon Glow," a nighttime happening where all of the air balloons are secured on the ground and fired up to create a vast kaleidoscope of colors. Visit the official website at

Look for balloons aloft on Friday and Saturday morning. One of the participants and competitors in the event is Gonzales' own Leslie Jeansonne who is the owner a side business, that rents out balloon rides. Call Leslie at 225-806-2422 for more information.

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The Writing on the Wall

Married people, like poker players, often have “tells” that the other spouse can read instinctively. If you see the signs of divorce in your spouse or yourself, where can you go to find out how rough the road ahead might be? You may not be committed enough to a course of action to consult with a lawyer. Nevertheless, you need a place to go for information about divorce and how it might impact your children, your property, your spouse, and you. This blog provides brief summaries of the laws applicable to issues that often arise when married people separate and divorce. It also addresses issues common among unmarried people who have children and property together. If you become involved in domestic litigation, always seek the advice of an attorney. Remember, the person who represents himself has a fool for a client.

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